Our process is science-driven. No guesswork is involved with our neurometric (qEEG) or brain mapping-based neurofeedback. 

Assessments of cognitive function and brain maps are done on a regular basis. You always know where you are in the training process.

Realistic goals and candid assessment of progress.  Although neurofeedback has a high rate of success, it may not be for everyone.  We will not keep you coming back if the program does not show clear quantitative changes in the parameters we are measuring. If the progress is slower than expected, it may be that habits are impeding it or the motivation is low. We offer coaching to support lifestyle changes, improve sleep and nutrition and learn meditation.

Personalized, unique protocols and detailed, in-depth assessments that are above the standard practice.  We are a small operation focused on providing the highest quality services to committed customers.

Is this provider right for me? 

First, consider the equipment used: There are many neurofeedback providers using simple one-channel 'old-style' neurofeedback devices. Not all forms of neurofeedback work the same and while even simple techniques can be effective, there is a certain amount of guessing without qEEG brain mapping.  The precision of 19-channel neurofeedback is vastly superior to what can be accomplished with 1-4 channels.  A comparison of techniques is recommended when choosing a provider.  

We use the most sophisticated software on the market and yet you will find our prices to be similar to simpler neurofeedback. Quality is the core mission of ReWire Neuroscience.

Secondly, consider the background of the provider: Some providers have a background in clinical psychology or social work, while other providers do not have a background in clinical practice or science at all.  Choose the provider that works for you, based on their work philosophy and expertise.

Dr. Metea is a neuroscientist, with a science-driven approach and holistic philosophy.