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aiming for optimal states of well-being

"The fundamental ground of your being has never been injured. As you attune to it, you can become free of depression, anxiety, bitterness, and confusion. You can experience the spontaneous upwelling of compassion for yourself and others. You can find within your body an innate, ever-present source of equanimity and happiness."

Dr. Judith Blackstone, PhD

'Realization Process' Founder

Rock Maze

Our integrative approach to brain training is rooted in the philosophy of nonduality and includes gentle somatic and meditative techniques to increase awareness and presence. Nonduality (meaning 'not two') is not a religion or a particular practice. It is a view of oneself and a way of living life, whereby in each moment one feels an interconnectedness with one's surroundings, with everyone and everything. It is an experiential way of being in the world characterized by a heightened sense of well-being and happiness often called 'nondual realization'. It is not a mystical state, yet it is this direct first-hand experience of oneself as undivided consciousness that is found at the core of many religions and healing systems. It is also sometimes referred to as fundamental consciousness or essential nature, an inherent human state which most of us intuit and strive towards, yet often clouded by habitual thinking and anxiety.  Nondual realization is reported by many as a spontaneous event and many people have experienced at least brief moments of it.  Nondual practices and teachings are meant to prepare the mind to shift with ease into this optimal state and then maintain it. Although there are many methods to achieve this, they all have in common a reconditioning of the brain and mind correlated with peak performance.

Many scientific disciplines now intersect with what used to be considered the domain of philosophy or religion and contemporary neuroscience is not an exception. Mainstream science has come a long way in the study of nondual states of the brain. For more insight into this interface of knowledge, check out the "Science and nonduality" organization, which brings together experts from spirituality and science to discuss the underpinnings of our human potential. 


At ReWire Neuroscience we teach various meditative methods, primarily those developed by Dr. Judith Blackstone, Ph.D., under a system called 'Realization Process'. This system entails meditation, subtle movement techniques, and a process for working with fragmentation and difficult situations.  Scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of these methods on the brain. 


We believe that neurological change, psychological well-being, and spiritual awakening are facets of the same human evolutionary process. Our goal is to share our passion for full potential human realization with you.



Stamen and Pistil


Realization Process Embodiment Practices

"The Embodiment aspect of the Realization Process combines meditation with subtle movement practices for cultivating the luminous transparency of fundamental consciousness throughout the whole body.  They open the body’s subtle energy channels, integrate the mind, breath and body, and help develop the essential qualities of being, such as love, awareness, power and sexuality.  They develop balance, fluidity, expressiveness, and vitality.  For nondual realization to be an actual transformation of our being, rather than just a change in our beliefs, it requires an awakening of fundamental consciousness in the whole body.

These practices can also assist with physical injuries and chronic structural problems, they can bring expressiveness and breadth to gestures and movement."

Dr. Judith Blackstone, PhD 

Healing ground

The Realization Process Healing Ground


"This method applies the experience of fundamental consciousness to personal maturity, psychological well-being and the release of trauma-based energetic patterns from the body.

In this aspect of the work, meditation is combined with a verbal process and a unique, precise method for recognizing and releasing the subtle holding patterns that constrict the body, energy and mind. The release of these patterns addresses the chronic fragmentations in your own being and between yourself and your environment. It frees, deepens and integrates all of your human capacities, so that you can know, feel, sense, perceive and respond with your whole being.

The embodiment of fundamental consciousness is the basis of self-confidence, safety, authenticity, and spontaneity. Specific practices facilitate grounding and resilience to sensory and emotional stimuli. These practices can be of particular help for people who are spiritually sensitive, to live more comfortably in the world."

Dr. Judith Blackstone, PhD 

Holding Hands

Dr. Metea has studied mind-body wellness techniques with Eastern and Western wisdom teachers for over three decades and is a certified Realization Process® teacher .

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