What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback assists you in self-regulation of brainwave architecture. This is accomplished by repeated training towards a goal, usually involving visualizing your own brainwave activity via a computer monitor.

Neurofeedback, also called EEG biofeedback or neurotherapy is a modern, research-backed method for improving brain function through learning.  Any form of learning involves repetition, assessment of results and ongoing fine-tuning.  If you want to learn a musical instrument, you will try again and again and adjust with each repetition based on how rewarding the result appears to you.  The same principle applies to any other skill, whether mental or physical.  With neurofeedback, more subtle and complex brain functions are targeted, such as attention, cognition, emotions, or specific mental performance skills for which we do not have a direct or immediate perception.  However, with modern brain recording techniques and brain mapping, these processes can now be captured, projected back to you (i.e. feedback) and harnessed in real-time for peak performance.  With LORETA neurofeedback, your brain’s activity is compared several times per second to the set goal, and auditory or visual feedback is given to indicate the success in meeting the goal.  With repetition, this becomes a very powerful tool for change.  While many methods exist to improve brain function, neurofeedback is a precise and fast way to target the desired circuits. The technology is complex but the process is simple for the client and even enjoyable in most cases.


We use the most advanced brain training tool available for deep brain neurofeedback (NFB), which allows neurofeedback training specific to your goals with fewer sessions required to see results. Deep brain neurofeedback is a short name for QEEG-guided LORETA Z-score Neurofeedback.  QEEG is a way to understand your brain activity and the underpinnings of your inner state.  LORETA (Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography) is a computational method which gives a real-time 3D image of your brain activity. Brain activity is recorded using a full 19 sensor array. We use the QEEG to design your customized neurofeedback for your symptoms and goals.  Z-score methods are used to know if your brain activity is higher or lower than it should be compared to the norm and where to apply training.  For peak performance training we go beyond Z-score training with customized methods.


Sessions are conducted by a professional neurofeedback practitioner and neuroscientist who has extensive experience in electrophysiology.  Your training will advance over approximately 20 sessions and will be adjusted as you make progress, with the use of brain mapping (qEEG).  You will be able to see your progress on a regular basis. In addition to neurofeedback, you may consider adding meditation to your program to solidify the effects of neurofeedback sessions. You will also have the opportunity to participate in group sessions focused on relaxation and mind training.