Monica Metea, PhD, DSP, BCN

Dr. Monica Metea is a neuroscientist with three decades of experience in electrophysiology, the field of neuroscience focused on the electrical signature of the brain's function and its applications. She is a consultant to companies involved in therapeutic neuroscience research and drug safety. 


In the field of neurofeedback, Dr. Metea has trained with leading clinicians practicing neurofeedback and qEEG and has conducted novel research in sensory substitution aimed at impaired balance and vision. Her approach to brain training is rigorous and science-driven, within a holistic, empathetic framework.  Dr.Metea is BCIA board certified in neurofeedback.


She maintains an active scientific presence and continues to train with experts in a lifelong learning process. Her personal practice includes neurofeedback and nondual integrative approaches.